ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983



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Project Owner: Amasya Regional Watering Cooperative Unit

Number of Participants: 7

Project No.: 2012-1-TR1-LEO03-39139



Our project has been prepared by the Limited Liable Amasya Region Irrigation Cooperatives Union to see and examine the agricultural water management subject onsite together with the regional partners of the Amasya Provincial Directorate of the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry, Limited Liable Bulak, Saray, Güblüce, Yolüstü, Çetmi, Terziköy, Doluca, Eslemez and Gümüş Villages Irrigation Cooperatives.


Today the efficient use of water resources inline with the environment is necessary. In order to periodically use and process water, agricultural water resources management is needed.


The increase in the efficiency of water in irrigation is very important for saving water. In the earlier years our country also faced drought because of the global warming as the rest of the world. This is especially reflected in the agricultural field. The agricultural fields to be irrigated were damaged on a large scale.  When the output and quality increase resulting from irrigation is taken into account compared to the scale of the problem, the necessity of the use of efficient and sustainable irrigation methods increases.


Starting from these needs methods and techniques of modern and sustainable water saving irrigation systems, agricultural water control applications, the efficient use of land and water in agricultural fields, the re-use of water and the development of alternative water resources shall be monitored, compared with the practices in our region and the information and experience obtained shall be reflected to the agricultural practices.


This project will contribute through the efficient use of agricultural water resources related to our problems. In this way the desired efficiency can be reached through modern and sustainable water saving irrigation methods in the agricultural fields and also the impact on the environment will be decreased through efficient management of water resources. Also the system can be disseminated. The project will also facilitate the comparison of the practice in Europe through the professional and technical trainings, so that these can be compared to the regional practices and all these experiences can be transfered to the farmers in the region.

Deputy director Hakan Tas and Turgut Altug have exchanged views on European agriculture.



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