ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983


10 - Breeding of Walnuts



Project Owner: Bingöl Food, Agriculture and Animal Farming Directorate

Number of Participants: 21

Project No.: 2013-1-TR1-LEO02-50960


Due to the Bingöl is in the scope of “Walnut Action Plan” is enforced by Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs as one of the three pilot province and “500 thousand walnuts in 5 years project” performed by Bingöl Province Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate with the support of Bingöl Governorship and the walnut is the brand product for Bingöl farmers want to grow walnut. For the farmers who wants to be especially walnut grower and related technical personnel can efficiently eliminate the lacks of theoretical, practical and technological abilities; 20 selected participant including 2 handicapped person in groups of 10 persons are planned to gain knowledge, skills and abilities about walnut growing and applications and able to act rationally in these activities together with our partner in Germany for two weeks for each group between dates 01st/05/2014 and 15th/06/2014.
Bingöl Province Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate selected the Bingöl University Faculty of Agriculture, Bingöl Chamber of Agricultural Engineers and Bingol Chamber of Agriculture as domestic partner in this project because of their relevance. Our other project partner in abroad is LBV Landenburg State Federation of Farmers who is established for developing agricultural activities and also act as a framework on other regional agricultural federations. Host partner is an expert establishment who trades educational and researching activities about agriculture, animal husbandry, organic farming and ecology and in close relationship with this project.
This project which is planned to be developed, will provide an important contribution to sustainable agricultural development and rural development by using the agricultural lands efficiently where machine farming is not available in our region and creating new working areas accordingly. Moreover, the closed walnut orchards will accelerate to a higher and healthier level as a result of knowledge and innovation transfer from the trained technical personnel to the local farmers in the scope of the project. Depending on this, local and national walnut industry will develop.
As a result; to accomplish project is highly important to determine and apply the requirements that are necessary for increasing the competing ability of Turkey in walnut industry by designation of modern walnut growing in Germany with PLM activity project, orchard establishment, productive kinds that are appropriate for our province’s climate and supplier industry application areas etc.


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