ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983


11 - The Hope of the Future – Vocational Schools



Project Owner: Hasan Akbudak İMKB Technical and Industrial Vocational High School

Number of Participants: 29

Project No.: 2014-1-TR01-KA102-001890



Our Future hope vocational  training high schools'  named project is related to vocational training ( on the job training)  in EU countries for 1 monthly (20 work days ) for   students of  Hasan Akbudak  IMKB Technical and  Vocational school 's Chemistry  Technology Dep.

Aims of the project:
1. In order to provide the concept of EU citizen be generalized.
2. To provide training course for the students  in EU countries and  benefit from the people's experiences at there.
3. In order to generalize  exchanging knowledge and experience between establishments  to make contribution for generalizing  good  works.
4. To provide our students to see the  opportunities  of employment and  the job training  on site in EU countries.
5. By  providing  continuity  of   this cross nation student mobility via our school and   increasing  the fascination of our school and the vocational training.
6.  In order to contribute  polishing the students' skill up and  employing.
Number of participant and profile :
Hasan Akbudak İMKB Technical  and  Vocational school 's Chemical Tech. Dep.  24 students and 4 Chemist teachers and an English teacher as participants. These students 16-18 aged group with 13 boys and 11 girls

Definitions of Activities :
1. Preparations of  pre-leaving.
2.Vocational trainings to  our  partner  ARDA and TUV vocational training course in Germany.
3. The job training on site and vocational training at the establishments in Germany.
4.Cultural activities for learning the cultural and natural beauties of EU countries. ( museum visits etc.)
5. Activities about watching  the technological build up of EU countries. (  visits to factory visits , science -chemistry technology centers.)
6. Activities about following the project , observing  and evaluating the students' knowledge- skills - behaviour develpoments.
7.Activities of organizing the project prints ( EUROPASS and ECVET) and giving to the students.
8.Activities about evaluating the changes of the aim - targets of the project and conduct of the students.
9.Activities about  generalizing  the results of the project .
10. Activities about interim reports and result reports.


The methodology that be used while conducting our project can be defined as learning on site, by seeing, doing and experimenting.

Prospective  results and Effects:
 1.Providing  our students to know  EU countries ,the employment, finding employment  and  living environments. They will found an opportunity to practice their knowledge and experiments in their education and business life.
2. By examining technological developments  of chemistry and industry onsite , it will contribute  students' interests , skills and abilities at Chemistry Technology profession .Our students  will  transfer  this  ability  in afterward  education and business life by using it.
3. Generalizing project results will provide  interest  increasing in vocational training and chemistry field. In long term it will provide decreasing in giving up  school .







"The common passion of a group of students from Hasan Akbudak Vocational School in Malatya is science. They all want to be chemists. You already produce detergents, creams or air fresheners. Great career opportunities are now being offered to these ambitious students. You are allowed to do a one-month internship in the large companies in Berlin
graduate Her successes were transferred from Malatya to Berlin."





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