ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983


13 - “I am Learning my Vocation in Europe”



Project Owner: Trabzon Zübeyde Hanım Technical and Vocational High School for Girls

Number of Participants: 24

Project No.: 2014-1-TR01-KA102-003524



Our students come from rural areas ( villages and towns with the city’s underdeveloped neighbourhoods ) that have inadequate material facilities. We live in a region where women’s employement in low, there is a few women entrepreneurs , early marriage are made so we think that our Project will contribute to these needs and will be a step in preventing gender discrimination.
In Europe the young population is decreasing from year to year. With this Project, educating  qualified staff who is capable of employ internationally that early childhood ( child development and education) and information technology industry needs ; in its field with well-trained, seeing new approaches, differences and methods in place increasing their professional knowledge in their  fields is aimed. We believe that our aim will contribute to the problem of skilled young population in Europe. For  this purpose  we have given importance that overseas partners are the organizations where our students will be trained according to their areas. Our participants in the process of mobility will have the opportunity to learn the host country culture and at the same time they will introduce their own culture.And it will contribute to be placed the concept of Europeannes  , people living between the countries in theconcept of equality; and a combination of all these will help to take important steps in future about prevention of racism. Participants will learn a new language besides enhancing professional knowledge and skills.
Project  is included the matters that are related to Information technology area and Child development and education area learning innovative approaches in place by watching and applying them.
Under this Project  we aim improving students’  professional knowledge and skills, gaining entrepreneurial spirit, interacting  culturally as active citizen and increasing their employement opportunities as qualified staff. Participants will develop themselves with  the professional, cultural,linguistic and pedegogical respects at every stage of the project  and get qualifications with professional sharings. Participants will have information about the countries of cultural characteristics and lives of nations that have differences of race, language, religion . Exchange of culture will be realized  with the social and cultural trips examining  the cultural and social structure of the host country . We aim to develop the  awareness of European citizenship by providing an understanding  the importance of learning foreign languages for representing our country in the best way and making professional innovations.Our project objectives and targets are consistent with the aims and objectives that take place under the main action of individuals learning mobility ( Erasmus+,Key Action 1, KA1).



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