ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983

lıfelong learnıng (ll)

The closing meeting of the Lifelong Skills Education (HBBE) Project, which was successfully completed, was held on April 21, 2016 at Ankara Green Park Hotel, General Manager of Vocational and Technical Education Osman Nuri Gülay, 22 Provincial Director of National Education, National Agency, teachers participating in the project and Germany and Germany. It was held with the participation of Italy project partners.

Preparing a comprehensive speech on behalf of ARDA Beratung & Bildung, the German partner of the project, our institution manager Dr. Susam Dündar Işık referred to the project's contribution to the personal vocational training dimension, as well as its contribution to the relations between Turkey and the European Union. He thanked the German Project partners, ARDA Consulting & Training employees and Project participants, including the Turkish National Agency affiliated to the European Ministry, the Vocational Training and Technical General Directorate of the Ministry of National Education.

Gülşah Bıyyık, Gönül Ekmekçi Güçlü and Enver Çubukçu, who were hosted by ARDA Beratung & Bildung within the scope of the project, gave a thank you speech at the meeting, which included an evaluation, while referring to the rich and wide-ranging education program prepared by ARDA Beratung & Bildung. They said they were very satisfied with it.

As ARDA Beratung & Bildung institution, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the project and hope to meet again in similar projects.






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