ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983


3 - Internship Opportunity for Students in Parenting according to EU Standards



Project Owner: Çankırı Technical and Vocational High School for Girls

Number of Participants: 21

Project No.: 2012-1-TR1-LEO01-37662



Our Project includes the students and teachers-in-charge of  Çankırı Technical and Vocational High School for Girls, Malatya IMKB Technical and Vocational High School for Girls and Iğdır Aralık Technical and Vocational High School for Girls which deal out child development training.


Today pre-school education has a great importance thanks to women partaking in jobs and significance of pre-school children development and education in the age- group of 0-6 years. 

In order to increase the quality of pre-school education, regulate it effectively and make it common for each age groups, the project aims to increase the professional competence, experience and ability of vocational education students, to provide the opportunity of training courses with European standards, to make them learn different techniques and methods in their vocational work, to develop cooperation between these institutions, to increase the vocational education’s filling the needs and demands of labor force sector.


Our students will have the opportunity of investigating the physical conditions of pre school buildings, and the methodology of pre-schools thanks to this project. In addition, it is provided to compare the methodology of our country and others, to renew the methodology of our country and to share the experiences and information. Our students will find the opportunity of analyses, apply and observe the free time activities, mother tongue activities, game, drama and music facilities, science-maths activities, preparatory stage of reading and writing activities of pre-school education. They will able to compare and evaluate the techniques of our country thanks to these works. It will give students a chance to use the information and experiences in their lives by developing their vocational qualification and efficiency and it will make them be innovative and researcher while they are working. At the same time it is aimed to make a contribution to human relations by knowing and seeing different societies and cultures, to create awareness about vocational education, to raise the standards.


The expected results of the project:  It is anticipated to compare training courses and training process of child development students’ from our country and training courses of European countries, to analyze and make this education common, to provide intercultural interaction with European countries, to develop  and generalize this interaction.


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