ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983


6 - Eco-Agriculture for Future Investment



Project Owner: Gümüşhane Food, Agriculture and Animal Farming Province Directorate

Number of Participants: 10

Project No.: 2012-1-TR1-LEO03-38537



Gumushane with its distortion of natural resources and with 12g./ha drug usage and 34g/da chemical fertilizers usage is one of the best organic agriculture city of Turkey, In addition, the fact that organic farming supports the forefront of animal husbandry in the region. A large part of the population living on agriculture, has begun the transition to organic agriculture in our province Gumushane but studies related to organic agriculture is not yet sufficient. Especially for growing vegetables, organic vegetable production, and studies with an emphasis on education, the region's production potential to be expanded even further.

The basic aim of our Project is develop organic agriculture in Gümüşhane by get knowledges in about production methods, marketing models and ongoing dissemination operations with strengthening cooperation with agricultural organizations in Euaropean Union.Beneficial results of the continuous extension of our project activities and the information to be obtained at the end of the project due to project stakeholders will be delivered in Gumushane almost all the breeders and farmers. Date of issue areas and types of activities will increase the organic farming, contribute to sustainable rural development and environmental awareness in our province  . In Project will work together with occupational groups related with organic farming subjects. Our project is a project of VETPRO. Project will be held as two stream. Experts on  vegetable farming and hurticulture will have mobility in Belgian territory. Experts on animal sciences will have mobility in German territory. All two stream will takes place in April and May in 2013 years. This schedule is altered as the agriculture calender of these two host country.


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