ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983

The research of museum department of Altındağ Municipality in Berlin museums





The most famous prison is now a museum.

The project  which is called „Examination of Berlin Museum and Education“ is finished by the institution of ARDA Consultancy and Education.

The prison which was operating in between 1925 – 2006, has kept many authors and politicians in its prison cells where also the most notable inmates were  Deniz Gezmis ( executed), Yilmaz Güney whom was a very famous movie star. „Ankara Ulucanlar Cezaevi“ is finally a museum. The aim is for its to become  the most visited museum in Turkey.

The „Ulucanlar Cezaevi“ and the half-opened prison centre for Art and Culture“ are finally buildings with the title „has to be protected“ by the „Memorial office for protecting nature“

The Deputy mayor of Altindag Dr. Veysel Tiryaki evaluates the museum like a memorial which left many traces in Turkish politics,  our society and in our  history“. If the word „culture of remember“ falls so should this  prison be the  one first thing everyone remembers so Dr. Tiryaki says.

A lot of artists, journalists, authors and politicians were jailed in the  “Ulucanlar”  prison for defending their ideologies, is finally turned into a museum by the “Altindag municipality” for a Centre of Culture and Arts in order to be an exemplary  be a sample for whole Turkey, the mayor sent the museum workers to Berlin  in between 14th-19th November to gather some more information and progression about the museums.


This project is also supported by the assistant of major Dr. Veysel Tiryaki, Mr. Yunus Keles and the director for culture and social works Mr. Cengiz Kesin.

ARDA consultancy and education hosted the group debating in science, arts, history and culture. They also had the coincidence that the “Lichterfelde prison for women” rebuilt also into a centre for culture and arts.

The manager of ARDA consultancy and education Dr. Susan Dündar Isik commented “that she thanks the mayor of Altindag Veysel Tiryaki and his assistance Yunus an all the members of the project to have the honour to be a part of such a respecting project”.

The program which started at the 1982 built Berlin technical museum concerted also communication, media, sugar, production and technologies of energy and researches the historical progress. At the same time it remembers the connection networks programmed together with the students.

Also they exchanged ideas in the topic of the most important detail in german history, World War II, where 30 million people died. In the plannings of the Holocaust Germany bult many museums and memorials to remember at the jewish people.

They also get informed about the protestantic church centre and the biggest protestantic church in Berlin, the Berlin cathedrale and informed about the protection, marketing, costs and financial supporters of the project.

The Lichterfelde female  prison was operating  between the years 1901-2010 has similar plans like the Ulucanlar  museum and culture centre. At least  360 women were jailed there and now it is  representing  the life of the artists, poems, authors and film-makers. Now in order to    remember them it has  changed and turned  into a centre of art and culture.

In the biggest Jewish museum in Europe “The Berlin Jewish Museum” they told about the history of Jewish people for around 2000 years, the good times and the bad times, also they had a chance of  witnessing the history.

ARDA Consultancy and Education  feels  very privileged and  honored  to be able to  take a part in  such a rewarding and respectful  project.

Thank you  very much, the'' Municipality of Altındağ.''



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