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ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983

fit for europe

45- Fit for europe

Berlin is a very multi-cultural city and furthermore, a city of immigrants and migrants. The coexistence of multiculturalism sometimes may lead some difficulties and tension between some people who either had so little or never had any life experience in foreign settings in which they also can be biased, prejudice and display discrimitory contact towards ethnic minorities who come from different backgrounds. This is also very visible at schools. Therefore, it would be so remarkable to help students to gain some first-hand experience in Eastern European countries and Turkey too. In order to gain that very useful multi-cultural life experience as well as having a scholarship from European institutions can help to improve attitudes in a more constructive and effective manner with in a view to have much better understanding with multiculturalism. Therefore, we try our utmost to provide very remarkable opportunities for our students in some countries. Such as, Ireland, England,Sweden, Romania and Austria etc.... We furthermore, offer internships to make sure thus meets different needs for elderly people's care as it has anticipated there are many eldeyTurkish people needs care day_to- day basis. In addition to that, There are lots of Turkish children in the kindergartens and their families in Germany. Also, German trainees and or interns who come from different cultural backgrounds have been offered to stay in Turkey in order to gain

first-hand experience ' and better understanding about Turkish culture and furthrrmore, it has been anticipated that this move also will be very supportive to the Turks who live in Germany.


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