ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983


Rivers Flow Into Life

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Project


28 APRIL-06 MAY 2019,  Sakarya-Turkey


Number of participans: 4+1 per organisation


Age of participans:  15-30


Coordinator: Kargenc Club TURKEY



Bosnian Representative Association For Valuable Opportunities BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA

Stredni Prumyslova Skola Chemicka Pardubice CZECH REPUBLIC

Asociacija Tavo Europalatvia LITHUANIA

Ayuntamİento De Altea SPAIN

ARDA Beratung & Bildung Gmbh GERMANY

Grupo Recreativo Regufe PORTUGAL

Sakarya İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü TURKEY




'Rivers Flow Into Life' is a Youth Exchange project. It builds with the participation of the eight partners including two partners from Turkey, a partner from each following countries; Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and the Czech Republic.

The project will cover 32 young people between the ages of 15-24, 1 facilitator expert and 8 leaders (Kargenc Club 4 + 1 + 1, other partners 4 + 1). Our project includes the Youth Exchange activities which are implemented between April 27 and May 04, 2019 in Sakarya province in Turkey. The pollution of the rivers and the inability to prevent it cause the ecological balance to deteriorate and the risk to live areas. The rapid growth of settlements, the associated infrastructure deficiencies, the increasing amount of waste and the insensitivity of the society in this regard take this risk even more serious. As a result of this situation, the daily work or education stress, hobby areas that are decreasing or contaminated, hence the weakness of communication in social sense, indifference to social problems and awareness of social responsibility. In time people come to the point of ‘what can I do on my own. Will I clean the huge rivers or parks?’ With this project, young people are expected to acquire skills to develop responsibility for environmental problems, to raise awareness in their own environment and to raise awareness of protection of water resources in particular.

In our project, we will use common and standardized methods (teamwork, individual work, case studies, visits and interviews, reports, workshops, analysis, outdoor activities, exercise activities, games, evaluation sessions and feedback) to provide active participation. In addition, we will increase our ability to share perspectives within the scope of Erasmus + Program and to develop new projects.


Project Objectives:

Sharing information on cleaning and protection of water resources and environment workshops, visits and seminars for the participants.
To create awareness with different perspectives on the protection of rivers and the fight against environmental pollution.
To give messages that will affect indirect participants and local people about the protection of rivers and the cleanliness of the environment.
To provide young people with a habit of living for active citizenship and healthy life along with the environmental awareness of outdoor activities to be done by the river.
To inspire the institutions concerned with sustainable practices with respect to the protection of rivers and environmental pollution.
To contribute to the development of English levels.
To develop cooperation between participants by recognizing Erasmus + key actions and the youthpass tool in more detail.
Presentation of culture.


In addition, we will give tea and coffee breaks as much as necessary so that activities do not become boring. The methods to be implemented in the project process require participants to be active for all activities.


The effects of the project:

Developing cooperation between participants from different countries,
Gaining and to be gained skills to organize activities that create awareness about environmental pollution
Gaining the habit of caring for and solving current issues and problems,
Development of creativity skills by poster, exhibition, slogan, t-shirt painting, school boards and waste materials evaluation,
Developing a sense of commitment and social responsibility,

Getting the habit of following the blog and the media
Developing the skills of preparing and presenting their own dishes,
Recognizing the Youthpass certificate, develop their knowledge about the Erasmus + program and actions,
 Improving language skills,


The following activities will be implemented in which young people participate actively and active training methods are used more:

Workshops and seminars,
Exhibition organization
Village and school visits
Artistic works from waste materials,
Poster, board, t-shirt painting and slogan works,
Environmental cleaning and hiking
‘Carry your future in a cloth bag ’activity
Visiting Sakarya municipality Wastewater treatment facility
Exercise activities,
Cultural food and dance will be introduced.
Cultural nights to introduce the partner countries





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