Foca/ Izmir




Project Owner: İzmir Halim Foçalı Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School

Project No: 2018- 1- TR01 – KA102 - 050785

Number of Participants: 12



Our Project will be applied to our students who study in the houseekeeping section of our accomodation and travel services department. 12 students will participate and 2 teachers will be attendant in this planned activity which has a internship mobility.

Our students will intern in IBIS Hotel Berlin Airport Tegel ,our international partnership. And participants’ development will be monitored by our attendant teachers.

The choise of participants will be made by a commission to be organized at our school. This commission will be consisted by teachers of foreign language ,guidance teacher, school family assocation (PTA) and sector representatives.

Before the project takes place, informative meetings will be held with the participants and with the participating parents about the project. In this meeting, documents to be prepared, project process correspondence will be explained in detail and transparency principle. As a result, we plan to have a smooth and maximize the efficiency.

Project management will be directed by our school. Things to do before the Project will be planned in writing. Our aim is to carry out complete and maximum beneficial international organization.

An additional budget will be provided from institutinaol budget in order to enable quality planning.

Project period is 12 months. The Project will end on September 23. 2019. The internship will be 14 days including transportation.

At the end of mobility program, participants will receive the Europass Mobility Certificate. In the Project, the development of participants is aimed at both vocational and personel level.

Promotional activities before and after the internship and during the Project will be planned. These promotional activities will be spread through social media tools, press agencies and presentations to other students at our school.


1-Experienced and vision-equipped staff will be able to attend which is need by accomodation managements.

2-Participants become conceptualized individuals of EU standards in the area of Housekeeping. Participants will provide of the development of an advenced perspective in their schools.

3-Documents issued by the EU will increase their chances of being employed.

4-Our Students will folow the developments in their fields and will be able to apply in the sector that they will learn.

5-The students who will graduate from our school will make a positive contribution to employment in the sector.

6-It will increase the guest satisfaction by providing educated and conscious personel work in the housekeeping services for the in accommodation businesses.This situation will contribube positively to the country's economy.

7-It will contribute to the development level of the accomodation managements in the tourism sector.

8-As a result of mutual good interactions between the countries, it will contribute positively to friendship and peace in the countries.

9-After the Project, dissemination activities will be promote our school and our educatioal fields. This will ensure that prejudices are avoided.

10-After the dissemination activities done, it will increase the chances for other students of Housekeeping department to choose the right one.


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