Investigation of education and training services in the EU for the purposes of developing highly-qualified workforce


World determines competitive advantage of the power balance in the economy. An important component of competitiveness is also qualified employment. The well-trained workforce provides enhanced quality and efficiency. Therefore, companies are in need of professional and technical knowledge of advanced skilled workforce. Developed countries are continually updated on the move again in order to create this awareness and skilled labor training system. The importance of this issue in our country has entered into a new understanding. The European Union aims to achieve the common cultural and vocational qualifications have the necessary input for the more skilled workforce and a stronger economy for the labor movement within the Union. That's why training projects is the largest element in the EU grant projects.




Our project;

- has strengthen the relationship between the education system and working life,

- helped participants to improve foreign language,

- gained skills to increase employment,

- Focused on unemployed young people,

- Improved the quality of teachers and administrators,

- Strengthened the ties between vocational training and labor market,

-  Has developed the international mobility in vocational education and training,



Partcipants of our project were teachers and administrators who work in vocational schools. Our project ncluded 40 vocational training specialist.



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