26- Using free open source resources for the purposes of highly employment within the EU


Project Owner: Bandirma IMKB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School

Number of Participants: 11

Project No.: 2016- 1- TR01 – KA102-029543



The project has been designed by the teachers, who work as teacher at the departments of information technologies. We have been discussing for a while why open source free software products are not supported and why paid operating systems, databases and the applications are preferred. We also have been querying that EU and other Far East countries save big amount of money in terms of billions with the strategies which they have developed and but Turkey could not. As far as it is seen that there are only few amount of employee in software labor in Turkey and a solution should be found immediately. So, short term solutions are preferred.

The situation at schools where vocational education conducted in Turkey is not so different. Lecture modules and syllabuses include subjects about commercial systems’ usage and developing applications on those platforms which lead to same dependencies.

We are planning either to create awareness on our students or to call attention to software privacy which is also a crime, with our project which includes a vocational training about developing applications with open source software developing tools, as a solution proposal for those problems.


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