28– Acquisition of qualifications and competences in the field of Medical Informatics of the European Union for the students of Vocational High School  of Health Service


Despite all the technological progress, large amount of labor, money and leeway has been ongoing because of inadequate data collection, unreliable information, subjectivity of observation  etc. even in the most technolgically and scientifically developed countries. For these casualties, science progress is slowing and a huge waste of source is coming up. 


It is estimated that the average amount, spent on ICTs soft and hardware in USA in last decade is 21 billion dolar and this amount equels to the 8% of the health expenditure. Another spending record is observed from the EU reports. For last four years, almost  30 billion euros, in average, was invested to the E-health which can be considered as a general name for clinical data systems and telemedicine systems in Europe. Whereby, e-health industry in europe has strengthened steps to become the third great investment in the continent with its  60-80 billion euro business volume. It is estimated that a lot of countries invest to the data in the health field and communication technologies between 50 million and 11,5 billion dollars.


With our sucessfully completed project, we have participant students of the project have:


* Gained experience about diagnosis, treatment, guidence,etc. on the web.

* Obtained information about health support systems at smart homes

* Had information about the things that a robot maid in health field can do.

* Saw how wearable biosensors are used in the health field

* Had information about how to make web interactive implants

* Examined the use of nano technology, favourite in recent years, in the health field







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