Application of PLC - Systems

4 - Application of PLC - Systems

Project Owner: Muş Korkut Multi-Program Vocational High School


Number of Participants: 13


Project No.: 2012-1-TR1-LEO02-37927


PLC System Applications in Europe Project is related to beneficiaries graduated from Electric-Electronic and Information Technologies Departments of Muş/Korkut Multi-Programmed High School and employees of Yurt Cement Factory, Muş Sugar Factory A.Ş and Directorate of Vangölü EDAŞ of Muş(electric company).


Need Analysis:
The importance of industrial automation in modern technologies is inevitable. For this reason those facilities that we call as ‘’integrated’’ wants to produce their products with minimum faults, in a rapid way an in an untouched method. In order to reach this goal, they need computer assisted automation systems. As the industry level of both our district and our province is quite low, our students and graduates can’t find the opportunities to apply PLC Technologies. And this negative situation leads to lack of qualified staff needed by government offices, private operations and industrial facilities that uses this system. There is an urgent need to educate our students and graduates both theatricals and implicational ways.


To make an internship program for our students and graduates in Germany about PLC applications for a month, so to help cultivation of individuals who has occupational qualification. Beside this it is aimed to make a huge contribution to our students and graduates career and progress. The industrial facilities which were closely opened or will be opened soon in the Organized Industrial Zone in our region urgently need qualified staff. Also  Alparslan 1 HES (Hydro-Electric Central) whose construction was completed last year and will produce electricity in 2012 and Alpaslan 2 HES that will start producing electricity soon need qualified staff. That’s the main aim of this Project.


Expected outcomes:

Within the scope of this Project, our students and graduates (the applications of PLC Automation Systems) will get the chance to see and apply the latest technologic developments in PLC Technologies in Europe. This will help them improve their occupational capacity and qualifications. The chance to get a job in regional or national organizations via İŞKUR (A Labor Organization in Turkey) will be given to the project beneficiaries who will get the internship in Europe. Our beneficiaries will also get the chance to gain a European consciousness, foreign language development chance, occupational motivation and cultural integration. This project helps the wide spreading of European cultural values, improvement of education dimension in different cultures, application of multi-language and multi-cultural education systems.


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