ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983


Project No : 2019-1-TR01-KA102-063327



Technology Usage İnternship in the Machine Developing all aspects of manpower in the world, especially in developed countries, is seen as one of the key factors in achieving social and economic success. Rapid developments in information technologies as a mainstay of globalization, high level of education, scientific research and development of manpower with the ability to grow, production efficiency and use of advanced technology is highlighted. Due to the positive effect of the changes in the production and service methods of technological developments on the work, the demand for a highly qualified workforce that is able to use the methods and technologies that change rapidly in the labor market is changing rapidly. According to the prominent findings in the Trabzon-oriented labor market analysis, 38 percent of the workplaces across Trabzon have difficulties in providing staff. Among the sectors that have the most difficulty in supplying personnel are accommodation and food service activities.  Our project aims to provide European mobility and to establish international partnerships in order to achieve the quality of vocational education. Our project, which is prepared for the fields of machine technology and industrial automation technology, where our students show great interest, will give our participants the opportunity to increase their internships and employability in modern equipped workshops. In our school, 2 + 2 modules which are determined by sector and field teachers are planned to be internship for two weeks. The modules that we plan to give practice and training in internship activities to our students constitute the foundations of sequential control systems. In the applications to be made CNC programming and PLC systems in the use of the necessary competencies will be provided.They will carry out their internship activities only in the modules that complement each other in their own fields. Machinery maintenance and programming to solve the problems of companies trying to solve the problem with high sums by bringing the personell outside the province. Students who study in these subjects they will be trained at the upper level.The project consists of 2 groups of 5+5=10 people each from our school and a total of 20 participants related to their field at different times (this group includes an inclusive student in the field of machine technology) and 4 companion teachers will develop themselves in TÜV Rheinland, a large-scale business and educational institution in Berlin, Germany, and by participating in the internship program organized by ARDA Beratung and Beratung Gmbh. The main activities such as preparatory activities, selection of participants, meetings, travel planning, preparatory visits, identification of accommodation, dissemination and presentation of the final report to the National Agency will be carried out by our school with the planning of our project execution team. In each activity to be carried out, the participants will be assigned duties and responsibilities,and they will have an active role in the project management. In this way, participants will gain experience in project management. In line with the rapid developments in the machinery technology and industrial automation technologies sector, we aim to train qualified personnel in these sectors and to increase the employability, capacity and quality of our graduates by to some extent reduce the unemployment rate in our region. our internship work experiences and collaborations will be provided in other fields in the following years, and our project outputs will be provided more effective and sustainable.








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