ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983





Project number : '2020-1-TR01-KA104-087422
Participants: 6

So that our studies can be convincing in the long term, we have determined the needs of the province and the country in sample groups. After that we created topics such as teacher education, education of adult disabled people and their normal peers and parent education. We started joint project studies because we thought that these works alone would not make enough noise and that the institutions involved should take responsibility. We know that parents are key figures in the educational process of adult disabled people. For this reason we have organized training courses while making parent education one of our main goals. However, we had to realize that we were not able to reach all parents as needed in our training courses. First and foremost, we wanted to develop parents in the area of ​​special education in conflict resolution, self-confidence, entrepreneurship, learning techniques with music and games, literacy, and positive use of technology. We have created our course plan with an institution from Germany that WILL provide training according to our project goals by researching institutions that use alternative approaches by improving in Europe on these issues. Commissions were set up to ensure that the project continued on target, and the division of labor and responsibilities were planned during the project writing phase. Upon completion of the project, responsibilities are updated and written with teamwork in mind. The participants consist of 2 counseling teachers and 3 special education teachers, a total of 6 people. Before and after the project, they are selected from private parents and working people. The Project Management Committee participates in the evaluation by planning the training and practices that participants will receive before and after the project. The Project Budget Management Commission is responsible for the appropriate use of the project budget and the provision of the necessary documents. The project dissemination team is responsible for the promotion, documentation, publication of news texts, creation and distribution of pre- and post-activities images. Our German partner is responsible for the practical training of the participants, the evaluation of the project activities and the international consulting.


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