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ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983

















Our school is located in the district of Bağcılar, Istanbul. It provides education services in the fields of child development, food and beverage services, beauty and hair care services, graphic design, public relations and organization services, information technologies. Our school mission; who knows himself on the basis of national and moral values, self-fulfilling, sensitive to social problems, with adequate equipment and practice skills in vocational areas, is to train qualified and qualified elaman can respond to the needs of the sector in terms of employment.

The most important goal of disadvantaged students with European internship is; To help our students who are in adolescence, who think that fate is ruthless for them, to help our students who are learning helplessness, think that they are 1-0 in life, become frustrated with their lives and try to deal with the problems of life.

Our disadvantaged 20 female students; Students who are dragged into crime, who have language and speech disorder, who have hearing impairments and vision difficulties will be selected from among our students. Students who are under protection by the Court, who come to our school from the Child Protection Agency, who have Education Decree, are full-time mainstreaming, who have been abused, who work in the streets, are under probation, have lost their mother and / or father, and whose family has been corrupted by divorce and gypsy students will also be on our list. 


Within the scope of our project;

•           Our short-term expectations from our disadvantaged students are to ensure their education not only in secondary education but also in higher education, to enable them to work in their own fields and to get away from other alternatives such as early marriage, joining in-house production as living a housewife, and end of education. In this sense, it will continue its education and ensure that it becomes a role model for other students,

•           To provide psychological, social and cognitive development of our students who are disadvantaged and exposed to social exclusion.

•           To increase the knowledge and experience of disadvantaged students with internship activities, to strengthen their social aspects and to contribute to their education in this way,

•   To increase the rate of attendance of disadvantaged students, to prevent school dropout.   








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