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ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983






As an indispensable part of modern education, steam is an educational model preferred by developed countries in recent years. STEAM education means to teach science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics through an interdisciplinary method. Students with STEAM education are crucial for the future of the country, its development and economic growth. STEAM is seperated from the traditional science and math education.It is the blended learning environment and shows students how the scientific method can be applied to everyday life. It teaches students 21st century skills like computational thinking, critical thinking,collobaration, creativity and focuses on the real world applications of problem solving. As the level of creativity is very high in pre-school period, the well-planned, stimulating and developmentally appropriate STEAM activities are very beneficial for the developmental aspect of children in this period. Knowing the importance of applying STEAM in preschool,we've started to teach STEAM to our 'Child Development Education' students since last year. Since our students are educated as assistant teachers in the field of Child Development Education in our school, STEAM is so important in terms of our student profile.However, the fact that our vocational education program is based on giving theoretical information to our students and that our students and department teachers cannot shape the existing materials according to STEAM cause us to experience difficulties in practice. Due to the fact that they were trained with traditional education system, our teachers were insufficient when they wanted to guide our students about STEAM. When we want to examine the samples in our region related to STEAM approach, it is seen that there are not many institutions that implement the Steam approach properly in our environment. In our research, it has been learned that Steam is used actively in some European countries, especially in pre-school period, and even in some countries, it has become a state policy and has good examples at all levels. European institutions were contacted to see good practices in this subject, to transform our theoretical knowledge into practical applications, to provide work experience to our students so as to facilitate their employment and to provide observation to our teachers on the subject. While determining the students who will benefit from this opportunity, it will be paid attention to have acquired basic professional knowledge as they will do internship. The duration of the internship is determined as ten days by taking into account the needs of our students. Our teachers will be choosen among the teachers who will be helpful about the subject with the necessary knowledge and infrastructure about the STEAM approach.Thus, they will have the opportunity to compare and evaluate their observations with the practices in our country. In our project, there will be 4 mobility, 3 student mobility and 1 staff mobility.3 teachers from vocational education are scheduled to attend the job shadowing in the group of schools named Agrupamento de Escolas de Moure e Ribeira do Neiva in Vila Verde, Portugal in March. In the same institution, our 5 students will do traineeship for ten days in April. 5 students will go for a 10-day internship at the Kindergarten srl located in Florence, Italy in February. 5 of our students will also go for a 10-day internship in Barcelona, Spain in June. The study programs were prepared by taking their opinions as a result of the mailings we made with our host partners. Our teachers and students will transfer these experiences to the students and teachers of vocational schools in our school and in our region. Thus, they will be a good role model in the implementation of Steam approach in child development and pre-school education.







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