ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983

Qualified Vocational High School is Possible with my European Internship



57- Qualified Vocational High School is Possible with my European Internship

Project No: 2020-1-TR01-KA102-085477

Project Owner: Batman Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi 

Number of Participants: 12





Qualified Vocational High School Is Possible With My European Internship

The development of human resources in all aspects of the world is seen as one of the key factors, especially in developed countries, in ensuring social and economic success. As Batman MTAL, our goals for development in vocational education are; To equip our students as qualified vocational staff who can use the new technologies used in the branches of industry related to the fields we teach and to contribute to their employability, to keep our teachers' qualifications and professional knowledge up-to-date in the light of the developments in their fields and to provide our students with the professional competencies that our region needs. With our project, we will provide vocational training at international standards, develop management skills of our employees and further our quality standards by establishing training-oriented collaborations with vocational training institutions abroad. 

 Our project will last 18 months between 01.09.2020 and 28.02.2021. 15 students in total (2 alternatives to be chosen from mainstream students) - 5 people from our field of Chemistry technology, equipped with the grant of the Dicle Kalkınma Ajansı (1.6 million TL) within the scope of European mobility activities on 21 March-10 April 2021, - 5 people on 16 may-5 June 2021 at reputable business firms agreed by TUV Rheinland in Berlin, Germany , -5 people in 3-23 October, 2021 in Labminho-Lab in Portugal, will have a 3-week internship .They will participate in internship activities on "Analysis Parameters and Techniques of Water. With these internships; Our students will develop professional knowledge and skills related to sensory, physical, chemical, radiological and microbiological analysis parameters of drinking and using waters. When our students are given information about the properties and qualities of water, they will be able to evaluate the water analysis parameters according to the results of sample analysis according to sensory, physical, chemical, radiological and microbiological aspects, legislation and standards. One (3 in total) companion field teacher will be assigned in each flow. Our students will improve themselves by participating in the internship programs organized by Bragamob which is a large business firm in Portugal and at TÜV Rheinland, a large-scale business and educational institution in Berlin, Germany, and Labminho-Lab, ARDA Beratung & Beratung GmbH 

 Learning professional innovation approaches for our staff will bring our quality and standards to European level. In this sense, it is aimed to reach more innovative development of our staff. Innovation and innovative work, entrepreneurship, have great contributions in the development of European technology and industry. In order to reach this level, on-the-job observation and on-site application revealed an important need. 

 In particular, our field teachers will be selected from the departments that have not previously participated in Erasmus + mobility and from the departments benefiting from the development agency grant (4 Chemistry, 2 Furniture, 2 Information Technology Department teachers - 4 + 4 in total 8 people main, 2 substitute). Our training activity program which is organized by ARDA Beratung & Beratung GmbH will be carried out with Bayer - Schering AG, Berlin Chemie AG, Bundesanstallt für Materialforschung and other state and private institutions agreed by TUV - Rheinland Academy in Germany. The program will be held as an on-the-job observation and will be about "Learning of professional innovation and innovative professional approaches". Our training activity program will be 6 hours and the program will take place between 09.00 and 15.00. The project participant teachers and students will be selected by a neutral commission of 5 people in a transparent and democratic manner within the specified criteria. 

 In addition to the professional achievements of our project, our teachers and students participating in the mobility will gain awareness of the importance of foreign language, multiculturalism and EU values; their self-confidence and motivation to work will increase. With the dissemination works to be done, steps will be taken to train personnel in line with the needs of the regional industry in order to meet their own needs and to cooperate with other vocational education institutions in our region; regional awareness will be created towards EU values. 

 We aim to train qualified personnel in the chemical industry, reduce the unemployment rates in our region by increasing the employability of our graduates, increase innovation and innovative professional work, improve the institutional capacity and quality, strengthen and internationalize our technological infrastructure. With our experiences and collaborations of this internship study and on-the-job observation, our project outputs will be made more effective and sustainable by adding our other fields in the following years.



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