ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983

Check By Measuring, Increase Success By Controlling




59 - Check By Measuring, Increase Success By Controlling

Proje No : 2020-1-TR01-KA101-087026

Proje Sahibi : Güler Sevki Özbek Anadolu Lisesi Bağlar Diyarbakir & ARDA Beratung

Number of Participants: 12





One of the main objectives of education is to provide the individual with the knowledge and skills he / she will need in the period when will begin the work. Considering the rapid changes in the world of information and technology in the period we live, a serious organization and equipment is needed in order to meet the needs of individuals in educational institutions and not to break from the strategy created by the modern world. In this context, institutions require a serious needs analysis. The EU 2020 slogan targets four basic goals in education for the situation, which is expressed as “smart, sustainable and comprehensive growth”. The desired success was not achieved in the PISA and TIMMS exams organized by OECD in our country and ABİDE exams held by MEB. In this context,MEB set 4 main goals related to measurement and evaluation to the vision of 2023 program to increase the quality and success in education. Our school has set targets related to the Theme of Increasing Quality and Success in education stated in the 2019- 2023 strategic plan. Although our students achieve successful results in internal exams held in our school, success is less than expected in general exams outside the institution and in other fields. This problem of our school is similar to the general situation of education in the country. In our country, there is a significant difference between the number of students who have received success documents at the period of school and the number of students, who are successful in the LGS,TYT, AYT, PISA,TIMMS exams. 

In the need analysis that was implemented by the quality improvement team which was constructed by the director of the school we concluded that the lack of a reliable measurement and evaluation system affected negatively the success graphs in our school 

In this context, we pre-registered our 4 teachers, who were selected according to the criteria determined by the project team established in our school, to the course named“Smart Measurement and Evaluation”, which is in the province of BERLİN in ALMANYA and has suitable for the needs of our school 

The course activity will be held on 02-08/05/2022 in semester break period, in order not to interrupt the education at school


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