ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983

key to integration in non formal education






Globalization and parallel rapid developments in information technologies bring to the fore the training of a highly educated workforce, scientific research and development skills, efficiency in production and the use of advanced technologies. Due to the positive impact on work of technological developments and changes in production and service methods, the demand for labor in the labor market and the need for highly qualified workers who can efficiently use the rapidly changing methods and technologies in the economy takes life is also changing to.
Among the industries with the greatest difficulty in recruiting, hospitality tops the list, followed by hospitality at 52 percent and education at 47 percent. There is a need for middle staff with knowledge and experience in machinery and automation directly related to the manufacturing industry.
We have an institutional lack of integrating the in-demand skills of our workforce into our curriculum to ensure convergence between industry and vocational education. Our project, prepared for the fields of mechanical engineering and industrial automation engineering, in which students show great interest, will give our participants the opportunity to do internships in modern equipped workshops and increase their employability. It is planned that our students will have a 2-week internship in 2 + 2 modules determined by sector and subject teachers in 2 areas where VET is offered in our school. The modules that we plan for the training of our students in the internship company form the basis for process controls.
For each activity to be carried out, the participants are assigned tasks and responsibilities and they take an active role in project management. Thus, the participants gain experience in project management. Our school aims to train qualified personnel in these sectors in parallel with the rapid developments in the field of mechanical engineering and industrial automation technologies, in order to improve the employability of our graduates, to improve the institutional capacity and quality that Strengthening of our technological infrastructure and internationalization by reducing the unemployment rate in our region.


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