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ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983


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Strategic Partnerships in Adult Education
Strategic partnerships provide organizations, businesses, authorities, and others with the opportunity to advance innovative developments, particularly in the field of adult education, through transnational collaboration. The European Commission supports strategic partnerships as part of Key Action 2, "Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices," within the EU Erasmus+ program.
Strategic partnerships are transnational projects that aim to either:
Promote the exchange of best practices: Support the establishment and strengthening of networks, enhance capacities for transnational work, and encourage the exchange of ideas, methods, and practices (Projects without Intellectual Outputs).
Support innovations: Create innovative results and/or disseminate and utilize existing and newly developed products and ideas (Projects with Intellectual Outputs).
These objectives can be pursued at the local, regional, national, European, or organizational level within the field of adult education. Additionally, projects can be designed to focus within the adult education sector itself or span across multiple sectors, such as vocational education, adult education, higher education, school, and youth.
Target Groups: All public or private institutions involved in adult education in the broadest sense fall under this category. This includes:
- Educational institutions
- Adult education centers
- Associations
- Foundations
- Universities
- Non-governmental organizations, and more.


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