ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983

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ARDA Consulting & Education is an educational enterprise based in Berlin, Germany. It is responsible for the preparation, implementation and management of the EU funded Erasmus+ program and its predecessor, “Program for Lifelong Learning“.
ARDA works according to the guiding principles of „Knowledge, People and Success“ and has gained recognition for its work throughout Europe. With its highly trained team of professionals, ARDA offers core services in Project Development and Consulting and in the fields of Vocational Training and Student and Adult Education. In addition, we offer a range of services in the fields of politics, media, finance and taxation.
ARDA works in close cooperation with government departments, professional associations, civil society and public institutions as well as with small and medium-sized enterprises, municipalities, industrial facilities and organizations that are active in artistic- cultural and sporting activities.
ARDA offers a large number of job-related internships/traineeships in European cities, such as Berlin, Brussels, Istanbul, Ankara and London. The enterprise plays a key role in the promotion of social and individual prosperity, and considers the contribution to educational progress as its main mission.
ARDA, as the leading authority, takes responsibility for the project management abroad and establishes connections to other project members, encouraging new partnerships. If projects are approved, ARDA, in its position as project manager will organize mobility programs and ensure their successful implementation. We organize all travel and accommodation needs and offer translation and travel guidance.
ARDA Consulting & Education has proved its success several times and is your ideal working partner.

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