ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983

Cources 2019-2025

Training Courses:

  • Graphic Design and Photography
  • Radio - TV
  • Journalism
  • Renewable Energy Technology Courses
  • Renewable Energy in Motor Vehicles
  • Use of Technology in Education
  • Innovative Teaching Methods for Mentally Handicapped Students
  • Inclusive Education Methods
  • Changing Roles of Practitioners in the Process of Inclusion Education
  • Montessori Training Method for Disabled People
  • The Approaches of Kindergarten and Primary School Teachers to Universal Values ​​such as Responsibility, Tolerance, Empathy, Respect for Differences in Schools in Germany
  • Montessori Training Method by Germany
  • Learning Methods with Game Method
  • Motivation Methods in Children with Learning Difficulties
  • Training of Hyperactive Children
  • Multiple Intelligence Theory Education
  • Stress and Worry Management in Schools
  • Successful Educators for Successful Students (For High School Teachers)
  • Creative Teaching Methods for Successful Students
  • Symptoms of Burnout Syndrome in Employees and Methods for Coping with Dynamic Activities
  • Burnout Syndrome in Refugee and Disadvantaged Students
  • Business German / English Course (Basic / Intermediate / Advanced)
  • Foreign Language Education with Drama Techniques
  • Creative Method Training in Foreign Language
  • Occupational Health and Safety in EU Countries
  • High Occupational Training Course
  • Shoe and Saddlery Technology
  • Jewelery and Jewelry Design Course
  • Agriculture Course
  • Bartending Course
  • Chocolate Making Course
  • Pastry Education in German Culture
  • Milk Processing Training
  •  Tourism and Hospitality Management Course
  • Food and Beverage Services Course
  • Aircraft Maintenance Course
  • Biomedical Device Technologies
  • Patient and Elderly Services Course
  • Child Development and Education Course
  • Construction Technologies Course
  • Firefighting and Fire Technology Training
  • Machine Technology Training
  • Electrical Electronics Technology Course
  • Students' Professional Skills Development Course
  • Successful Trainers - How to Teach Students Respect, Love, Help, Self Confidence, Empathy and Peace
  • Innovative Methods in Social Informatics and Psychomotor Fields
  • Innovative Methods in Social Informatics and Psychomotor for Preschool Students
  • German Art Course
  • Learning by playing, learning by doing
  • Music Drama


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