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ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983




About Erasmus+

Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. It will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain experience, and volunteers abroad.



Why Erasmus+?

Europe must equip its citizens with the education, skills and creativity that they need in a knowledge society. The world is changing fast, and education systems need to modernise and adapt to new ways of teaching and learning and embrace the new opportunities that exist. Education, training and non-formal youth learning are key to creating jobs and improving Europe's competitiveness. That's why Erasmus+ will make a key contribution to addressing

these challenges.



Aims of Erasmus+

The aim of Erasmus+ is to contribute to the Europe 2020 strategy for growth, jobs, social equity and inclusion, as well as the aims of ET2020, the EU's strategic framework for education and training. Erasmus+ also aims to promote the sustainable development of its partners in the field of higher education, and contribute to achieving the objectives of the EU Youth Strategy.


Specific issues tackled by the programme include:

Reducing unemployment, especially among young people

Promoting adult learning, especially for new skills and skills required by the labour market.

Encouraging young people to take part in European democracy

Supporting innovation, cooperation and reform

Reducing early school leaving

Promoting cooperation and mobility with the EU's partner countries



Role of ARDA in Erasmus+

ARDA Consulting & Education as a prestigious educational institution, plans and implements the operational Erasmus+ Program, especially in the fields of KA1 and KA2. ARDA is the direct working partner of the Turkish Ministry for Education.



Where can I find out more?



How do I apply?

Please contact the Erasmus+ National Agency in your home country or the Executive Agency (EACEA) in Brussels.



Activities supported by Erasmus+

In order to achieve its objectives, the Erasmus+ Programme implements the following Actions:


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