ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983

KA2 Strategic Partners to the multi- beneficiary project: Collaboration for innovation and exchange of good practices) Erasmus+ Youth Program

Artificial Intelligence Education for Youth

Project Owner: Ankara Mamak District Directorate of National Education, Turkey

Project No.: 2020-3-TR01-KA205-097360

Participating countries and institutions: ARDA Beratung & Bildung GmbH (ARDA) - Germany, Middle East Technical University (METU- ODTÜ) - Turkey, Mind Map Association - Turkey, NeOvity, Sweden

(Collaboration for innovation and exchange of good practices) Erasmus+ Youth Program KA2 Strategic Partners to the multi- beneficiary project

(Project work in progress)

Purpose and Importance of the Project:

Advances in technology and Artificial Intelligence change society. If it cannot keep up with the development of technology and cannot produce it, that society will always continue to be a user and consumerist in digital disruption.

The reaction of societies against this is to popularize technology literacy. Societies that create games, construct and produce creative solutions in every subject offer these solutions to their young people at an early stage.

This project will contribute to the production of infrastructure, resources (books, portals, etc.) for Artificial Intelligence literacy and Artificial Intelligence curricula in high schools.


Audience and goals

This project aims to inspire the next generation of AI leaders and teach young people (15-30 years old) the knowledge, skills and ethical thinking to meet the need for AI capabilities.

Special destinations

1. Developing national guidelines for the teaching of Artificial Intelligence in high schools

2. Collaborating with schools, universities and NGOs in the preparation of these guidelines

3. Developing application tools for young people to practice Artificial Intelligence through good examples from abroad

4. To update the course content that will form the basis of programming, to prepare guides and to put methods and techniques that will contribute to Artificial Intelligence innovation into the curricula

5. Developing a selected AI resource directory for high school teachers

6. To make dissemination studies for the adaptation of this structure to be implemented in high school to primary and secondary schools.


Gains of Participants

At the end of the project, participants will have a critical approach to see the positive and negative sides of Artificial Intelligence systems.

Participants will see the limits and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, as in any technology, and will gain motivation to explore alternative technologies.

Artificial Intelligence benefits from big data, IoT (internet of things), cloud computing and internet technologies. For this reason, these technologies related to Artificial Intelligence are included in our training within the scope of the project.

Giving so many different topics together to the participant will feed his creativity and imagination in future technologies.


Content of Project Trainings

Artificial Intelligence Trainings planned in our project (550 applications were made, 120 people were selected. 20 young people who were successful in the exam to be held at the end of 135 hours of training will participate in artificial intelligence activities in Germany and Sweden.)

Software language (Python Programming Language)

Algorithm and Programming

Advanced Internet Technologies

Mathematics (Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis), Statistics (Basic Statistics, Probability Theory, Sorting, Classification, Clustering Techniques),

Data analysis

Artificial intelligence

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

It will cover courses such as Machine and Deep Learning with Python



Opening meeting (July 2021 Turkey)

2nd Meeting (September 2021 Germany)

Start of Local Trainings (October 2021 Turkey)

Germany Mobility (April 2022 Germany)

3rd Meeting (September 2022 Sweden)

Swedish Mobility (October 2022 Sweden)

Closing Meeting (November 2022 Turkey)



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