ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983
ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983






ARDA Consulting & Education plays a key role in the promotion of social and individual prosperity, and considers the contribution to educational progress in an information society as its main mission.
Good Internship – Good Job – Securing the Future

  • ARDA mediates internships at renowned institutions in EU Member States and Turkey


  • ARDA works for your vocational success and ensures that you find a job in an EU Member State that suits your qualifications 


  • ARDA aims at safeguarding your future through participating in Erasmus+ Projects in Germany and other EU Member States


Integation – Neutrality – Democracy – Sustainability

  • ARDA promotes the integration of all people into work and social life, irrespective of their origin. Accordingly, ARDA feels aligned to the principles enshrined in the law regarding the “Regulation of Participation and Integration in the Land of Berlin”.


  • While realizing our aims, we maintain ideological neutrality and base our values on those of democracy. Our humanistic world view praises the dignity of each human being, irrespective of ethnic origin and religion.


  • ARDA fosters the vocational integration of youth and adults, with and without migration background, in their Vocational and Educational Training (VAT). The promotion of socially and educationally disadvantaged persons is considered by us to be a very important field of action.


  • ARDA is part of a political and economical network, which is constantly growing.


  • ARDA considers the necessity of the principles of “sustainability” and “Lifelong Learning “, when developing its concepts.


  • Our staff members always act responsibly and are experienced, flexible and qualified. This is reflected in our mission.



  • The plurality of individualities and human cultures is considered by ARDA to be an asset which should continue to evolve for the better of both Germany and Europe as a whole. The transfer of intercultural competencies, multilingualism and the strengthening of individual personalities are at the foundation of ARDA's concept and are viewed as essential in helping to maintain a successful labor market.

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