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ORGANISATION ID: E10155895  / PIC: 934226983

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ARDA Consulting & Education participated at the 3rd European Monitoring Conference "Work-based Learning 2020", which took place between 28.-29.June 2016. In the conference, where more than 250 international organisations like National Agencies, Ministeries, Schools and enterprises were represented, the newest developments in the field of work-based learning were presented, workshops and seminars offered and projects were benchmarked. The renowned "Lifelong Learning" Project under the leadership of the Turkish Ministry of Education in cooperation with the partner organization ARDA Beratung & Bildung, was selected as one of the good practice projects. As such ARDA presented the project in front of more than hundred professionals. In the largest (highest number of participants, highest budget) Erasmus+ KA1 project of Turkey, ARDA received 159 teachers for VET measures in Berlin. The conference participants were astonished about the scope of the project and congratulated ARDA because of the successful project.


The "Lifelong Learning Project" was also printed in the Compendium of the Conference.



For downloading the Compendium of Lifelong Learning, please click here:


ARDA Beratung & Bildung: contribution to the compendium of the 3rd NetWBL Conference
Summary of the project "Lifelong Learning"
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"36 vocational students have been travelling to Germany for internships at renowned companies. Before starting the internships, they came together with Aydan Özoguz, the Minister of State for Migration, Refugees and Integration."

"For students, there is a new possibility to do internships in Europe; the Erasmus+ Program...What am I supposed to do, in order to participate in this project? ..."

"The common passion of a group of students from the Hasan Akbudak Vocational School in Malatya is science. They all want to become chemists. They already produce detergents, creams or air fresheners. The eager students are now offered great career opportunities. They will do one-month internships at big companies in Berlin. Their success will be transfered from Berlin to Malatya."

„Within the framework of the European vocational training program 'Leonardo da Vinci', 24 students and 3 teachers from different vocational schools of Turkey completed a one-month intership in Berlin. As part of the project titled "Preschool and Theories of Multiple Intelligence" they went to ten German nursery schools and engaged in practice."

"In order to increase their competencies, 159 vocational school teachers from Turkey have received vocational and educational training (VET) for the duration of one month in Germany. The project, which has been funded by the Ministry for European Affairs, has just been finished."

"For about one month, 24 students from the Hasan Akbudak Vocational School in Malatya, receive education in Berlin...ARDA Consulting & Education manages the project in Berlin..."

"The students from the Hasan Akbudak Vocational School in Malatya produce soap, detergents, air freshener and color. They all dream of becoming successful chemists...with the support of the Ministry for European Affairs, they completed a one-month internship in Germany...They returned from Berlin with new dreams and hopes..."

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